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The city of Metz

Located near the Patio d'Oscar, the city of Metz offers a rich range of experiences. Its magnificent Saint-Étienne Cathedral, with its dazzling stained glass windows, dominates the skyline, while the historic center transports you to a picturesque past.

The Museum Center Pompidou-Metz appeals to lovers of contemporary art. The Museum of the Cour d'Or - Metz Métropole, also called the Tête d'Or Museum, houses an impressive collection of Gallo-Roman, medieval and Renaissance art, revealing the richness of local history .

But Metz is not just about its cultural heritage: its green parks, the peaceful banks of the Moselle and its varied gastronomic scene complete the experience.

Exploring Metz means immersing yourself in the art, history and gentle life of Lorraine, while enjoying the calm and serenity offered by Le Patio d'Oscar.

Culinary specialties

Lorraine is a gastronomic paradise, famous for its delicacies. Among its essential specialties, we find quiche Lorraine, a savory tart deliciously garnished with bacon and cream. mirabelles, small golden plums, are used to prepare exquisite jams and pastries. Let's not forget the famous pastry, the madeleine de Commercy

The covered market of Metz is the ideal place to discover these local treasures, as well as other fresh and artisanal regional products. A culinary journey not to be missed!

Unmissable events

Metz is lively with unforgettable festivals. The “Metz Christmas Market” enchants with its winter illuminations. The “Constellations Festival” offers spectacular light projections in summer. The “Fête de la Mirabelle” is an annual gourmet celebration, offering visitors a delicious immersion in Lorraine culture and cuisine.

The hot-air balloon

The hot air balloon occupies a central place in the region thanks to the “Mondial Air Ballons” festival. This major event attracts enthusiasts from all over the world for spectacular flights over local landscapes, celebrating the beauty of the skies of Lorraine. A postcard scene then emerges before your eyes! 

Amnéville and its zoo

The Amnéville zoo is an unmissable destination near Servigny-lès-Sainte-Barbe. This renowned zoological park is home to an impressive variety of animals. The nearby town of Amnéville also offers varied leisure activities, such as thermal baths, an amusement park and a casino.


Hikers will find what they are looking for near Metz, with picturesque trails such as the Path of Saint-Jacques de Compostela. This ancestral path offers a spiritual walking experience through enchanting landscapes, very close to the city. We know the hiking trails nearby, and we can advise you.